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Michael Mowery Media 2.0

Author: Me (Michael Mowery)

Date: September 5, 2020

Welcome to the Re-Boot of Michael Mowery Media.

My main goals of the 2.0 version of Michael Mowery Media are:

1:  Place for people to purchase my images and bring them into their home/business

2: Share my Recent and Photo Of The Day Photos ( The only rule is that image needs to be taken on that day).  Important, if social media doesn't rule your life.

3: The ability to quickly find a photo by year/keyword/location

4. Increase Michael Mowery Media Brand

Below is a quick number tour of the home page of the site.

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1:  Intro welcome, not more to say about it.

2: Selfies (for the most part) of me over past 20 + years.

3: These are my best of the best photos.  Click on the button to go to that gallery.

4.  Check back daily to see the latest additions to the site.

5.  Search bar to search by title/caption/keyword.  For example type in Petey.

6.  Periodically, I will have annocements or video how tos, this is the place to come

7 . These are photos I have rated 5/5 or 4/5 stars.  What I consider the best.

8.  Browsing by Subject and Location will evolve as I tag more photos.

9.  Photos by Year - Grid and Journal are two ways to look at ALL my published photos.

10.  Discovery is a page that has some different ways to discover by keyword.

11.  About me is a page that shows my journey through life.

If I can ask a favor, please let me know of any improvements to the experience of the website below in the comments.

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