Michael Mowery

I first got a digital camera back in 2001, since then I have taken thousand upon thousands of photos of my backyard and the my travels of the world.

About Me

Probably the best way to talk about me is to give a time of how I got from 0 to 50+

1969-1975: I was born in Ohio to amazing loving parents.  We didn't have much, but my sister and I were extremely spoiled with love and toys.

1975-1984  My parents moved back to Colorado (Fort Morgan, Greeley and Fort Collins) for my elementary and junior high days.  I did all things a young kid would do like riding your special Hombre bike.  Many of friends I made back then I still keep in touch now.

1985-1987  My high school years as with most kids turning into young adults, I went from want to be cool, to pimply kid with braces to young man.  My hobbies in school was computers, soccer and just being a high school kid.  Go Lobos!  

1987-1991 After high school, I decided to go to University of Colorado to study Computer Science in the Engineering School.  Gp Buffs!

1992-2000 A got a software development job out of college, then decided to through hiked the Colorado Trail (easily one of the most influential things I have ever done).  Photo is of me on top of Mount Yale on one rest days.  I took a year off of programming to become a ski lift operator (not a career move for me).  Then worked a variety of jobs in Denver and Boulder as a contractor.  I traveled a lot both for work (Hong Kong) and pleasure (Australia).  I also lived in Boston for year wearing suits everyday.

2001-2004.  This was the year I got my first digital camera.  On September 11, 2001, I was actually on a backpack trip and didn't know about 9-11 until several days later.   That same trip was my first ever trip to Telluride.   I ended up settling in Denver and working a 8-5 job.  The Elk photo was my first published photo in a newspaper. The summer of 2004, I convinced my employer at the time to let me work remote out of Telluride.  2004 , I got my first DSLR and did a lot of exploring in the area.

2004-2008  Working remote out of Telluride doing software development, I traveled a bit both for work (Hungary) and pleasure (Hawaii).   The software industry was going through an adjustment and I was let go in the summer of 2008.  This was the year, Telluride Tech was born.

2008-2012  These were lean years, but business was starting to pickup and I did some more traveling 

2013-2016.  With steady employment as a contractor I ended up buying a small condo in Telluride in 2015.   Several backpack trips in the Telluride area.  Explored the National Parks in Utah and in 2016 I traveled to Peru with Mom and Dad

2017 was the year I got my RoofNest and I traveled and worked remotely at National Parks in California and Wyoming.

2018 - No major trips and mainly worked and did Telluride things.

2019 - Oh what a travel year this February - Argentina, Chile, Antarctica.   June - Kenya.  What a great year it was.  This was the year I got my Canon EOS R.  ps.  I also turned 50

2020 -  This is the year, I am doing my Photo Of The Day challenge.  It has really forced me to take photos each and every day.   In February I had a semi-professional wedding shoot then in March COVID happen.  Stayed put for must of the year.  In September, I got an office space.

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